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What is Your Health Worth?

Why don't diets work? Why do so many people fail in their pursuit of health? Why is eating healthy foods often described as too hard?

There is a hard-hitting question to be asked.

What value do we truly, fundamentally place on our well-being?

When something is deemed valuable, when it is "WORTH IT," we make the necessary changes and expend the necessary resources. Are we so used to the glorification of convenience and instant gratification that we can't see that what we feed ourselves with is quite literally feeding our future?

What do we busy ourselves with that takes priority over our health and that of our loved ones?

Improving eating habits doesn't to be earth shattering or so complicated that it's impossible. In fact, the smallest changes done consistently make the biggest impact.

There is a powerful connection between what we eat and how we feel. Food is fuel... it drives us and gives us momentum and life, or it corrodes us slowly.

Maybe there is something small to begin with? Be open to the fact that we are in charge of our own health. We are our own best advocates.

Be intentionally well <3


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