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Keep it Simple and Succeed - Plus a Simple Smoothie Recipe

I'm not here to promote crazy diets, social media trends, and complicated recipes… I'm inspired to help you do what you need to do to make your health a priority.

Keep It Simple.

Moving your body can help you sleep better. Sleeping better can help improve your nutrition choices. Improving your nutrition choices can help you move your body better. There is this myth that the best way to lose weight is to spend all day in the gym or eliminate 90% of all food groups somehow. Technically speaking, you can lose weight if you spend all day in the gym or drastically reduce calorie intake --- but it's neither healthy nor realistic. If you're really looking to set yourself up for long-term success, there are three pieces of your daily life that work together.

Movement + Sleep + Nutrition

When your body can rest (sleep), you are more likely to make better nutrition choices (which fuel your health goals).

When you make better nutrition choices, you have more energy to move your body. When you move your body, your body sets itself up for a better sleep cycle. Bonus points for drinking your water . (simple smoothie recipe below!)

Moving towards the New Year, think about the positive you can bring to your lifestyle, not what needs removed.


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