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25 Days of Fitmas Challenge

Here we are! Tomorrow is December 1. With that comes the excitement (and also chaos) of the holiday season in full swing. Parties, events, shopping, family, remembering everything on the lists, concerts, etc. It's a busy time.

It could be very easy to let your fitness succumb to this overwhelm and forget or shove aside the normal workout schedule.

Regardless of whether or not you are a Whole Plate client, I've come up with an easy to follow, fun challenge to keep you moving through this holiday month, even if for a few minutes at a time. (Hello, "5 Minute Rule!")

Attached is the calendar of exercises and a chart for you to keep track! IF you choose to participate, no worries: it's free, there's no signup involved, and the only real way for me to know if you're actually doing it is if you document it and share your progress! (You can pick up a paper copy in the studio if you wish!)

**All training clients, though, are doing it ;) and progress can be kept track under the tasks in the app.

This is a fun way to build incremental fitness and practice consistent movement during the holidays.

How does it work?

Each day has a different exercise that you will add to the previous ones.

For example: Day 1, you do Day 1 exercise.

Day 2, you do Day 1 + Day 2 exercises.

Day 3, you do Days 1, 2, and 3.

* Thus, on Day 25, you would ideally be doing all 25 exercises.

What if the exercises are just impossible for you or you miss a day? What if you don't have dumbbells?

Modify, use only bodyweight, or skip and return to it. (That's how sustainable physical activity works, anyway.)

What do you get it if you complete the challenge? You get put into a drawing to win your choice of:

a $15 gift card to use for one of my bake sales


a free class (barre, pilates, or runner's strength and conditioning)

This is a free challenge and not required!

However, it's a nice way to add in a little extra fitness through the season. Have fun with it. Post pics or share your workouts with me or on social media and tag me and The Whole Plate!

Merry Fitmas!

Download here:

25 days of fitmas chart
Download PDF • 1.33MB


Don't forget!


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