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How Training Mirrors Life

Updated: May 29

"Your strongest muscle is your mind. Train it well." (anonymous)


A transformation where you aim to be emotionally and physically prepared for the rigors of life.
To be empowered, knowing you have the mental agility and strength in your body to be resilient.
You can be peaceful when you need peace and have the energy to take off like a rocket when you need to act.

You’re killing it at advancing your career, raising a family, building strong relationships, and making healthy choices. But then life throws a curveball and you feel completely off your game. When this happens, it can be hard to remember what it felt like to be the energetic, eager, social, and driven person you were just moments ago.

So many people think fitness and health is all about control and rules. Perhaps staying healthy shouldn't be so complicated, so loaded with other people's expectations. Pressure pushes on fear and fear pushes on perfection. There is a massive misconception when it comes health and fitness that the more control you assert in order to attain perfection, the more you'll achieve.

There’s one thing all successful people have. It’s not status, money, appearance, or even intelligence. It’s grit. Successful people train their brains to face adversity with resilience. This doesn’t mean they never feel negative emotions or never have a bad day or mess something up— rather, they learn how to move forward and face discomfort head-on.

When we approach exercise as "training" rather than "working out," it emphasizes how when we move our bodies, we are training ourselves physically and mentally for whatever lies ahead in life. Moving your body isn't a punishment for anything, nor it is a compensation for for failures. It helps you remember what feeling alive is like.

How Training Builds Your Mental Strength

Think about the last time you were pushing yourself during exercise. You may not even be conscious of it, but the thoughts you tell yourself to start a workout when you really don’t want to or to keep going when you’re tired requires mental strength.

Exercise pushes you out of your comfort zone, which is why it helps you become more resilient. Getting in your regular sweat session does the following eight things to help you train your brain to overcome your doubts and excel, no matter what lies ahead of you.

#1 Learn How to Use the Power of Positive Thoughts to Turn Things Around

Sweat is dripping off your forehead as you push for the last thirty seconds of intensity. You can feel yourself getting tired, but you hear the voice inside of your head say, “You got this, you can do anything for thirty seconds.” 3…2…1 the sweat has traveled down into your eyes, but you’re also wearing the biggest grin on your face. You did it.

Your thoughts can make all the difference in the gym, at work, or when dealing with conflict. You’ve learned how to turn on positive thinking to kill your workouts, and you can do the same for the other important parts of your life too.

#2 Pushing for That Extra Rep Can Help You Better Tolerate Mental Discomfort

Stress, anger, ambiguity, sadness, they’re all uncomfortable. But so is getting your heart rate up and building new muscle. Exercise feels good, sure, but it’s also uncomfortable (if you’re doing it right).

The more you can push yourself outside your comfort zone, the easier it becomes to be there. Use this same principle when life throws challenges your way to be able to cope with the discomfort in order to propel your life forward.

#3 SMART Fitness Goals Are a Lot Like Taking Life One Step at a Time

In order to reach your fitness goals, you have to break them down to be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely.

The same rings true for overcoming obstacles in your life. Problems aren’t usually solved overnight, but by taking it one step at a time and accomplishing small goals, you will eventually get to your desired end result.

#4 Exercise Opens Your Eyes to All There is to be Grateful For

Exercise releases dopamine and serotonin, two happy hormones that creates that post-workout high that keeps us coming back for more.

Realizing how amazing it feels for your body to be able to move, jump, squat, and boogie brings a sense of gratitude that carries with you to other parts of your life.

#5 Get Sky-high Confidence by Reaching Your Fitness Goals

That big high-five you give yourself after accomplishing five workouts in a week gets you on a total self-esteem buzz.

The more little goals you reach in your fitness journey, the more you’ll feel like the total rockstar that you are.

This confidence isn’t confined to the gym, it will stick with you to help you push through any hardships in day-to-day life that disrupts your flow.

#6 Learn to Trust Your Follow Through by Making a Commitment to Fitness

Showing up to your workout gives you more than envious delts — it proves to yourself that when you make a commitment, you honor it.

When you continue to show up for yourself, it becomes contagious in other parts of your life.

You may be nervous about a presentation, hard conversation, or doctor’s appointment, but knowing you’ll be brave and do it anyways is the mental grit it takes to succeed.

#7 Nothing Like a Little Sweat to Bring You Into The Present Moment

When you’re in the heat of an awesome workout, it’s hard for any negative thoughts to creep in. You are totally present.

When life gets crazy, it’s important to stay centered by being in the present moment. We can feel anxious, stressed, or regretful when we put ourselves in the past or the future. But, when we’re in the present moment, it’s hard to find anything but peace.

#8 Use That Natural Endorphin High to Push You Through Rough Patches

Sometimes our mental strength needs a little boost and there’s really no better way than with a good workout.

Exercise can be an amazing release to push through whatever you’re facing and remember how totally awesome you really are. Some of my favorite workouts to do when life gets me down are running, heavy lifting, and yoga. They are some of the best at bringing you into the present moment, calming your mind, and letting off some major steam.

When in Doubt, Sweat it Out!

Life is awesome, but it does require mental strength to be your absolute best self. Luckily, your fitness routine may help teach you how to handle any adversity that comes in your life.


Let's train together!

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