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Integrative Nutrition

Coaching and Training for Whole Person Wellness -

Both On and Off the Plate


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The first step in improving your nutrition, wellness, and fitness is a conversation.

Let's get to know each other and explore how I can best support you and provide the guidance and accountability you need. 

Jaime is a great motivator when tackling your health and wellness goals. She creates an environment open to sharing, building attainable goals, and celebrates with you when you crush them!


I would recommend Jaime to others! I appreciate her continuous feedback and accountability. I’ve found her class lessons easily integrate into my workouts throughout the week with equipment I have in my home gym.


She takes a personal approach to each of her clients that goes above and beyond in showing she is truly a spectacular trainer. Jaime has helped change my perspective on working out, being strong, and my mindset to loving my body.

I started working out with Jaime a few months ago and have found she is one of the few local businesses who offer Pilates!


The class environment is small and comfortable (for those who do not enjoy large workout classes, this is the gym for you! Think 3-4 people per class).


Jaime offers both group and individual training. She also makes THE BEST protein balls for a quick, healthy snack. She makes sure to check-in throughout the week and posts informative, healthy updates on her blogs and social media accounts.


Jaime also serves all ages as she has led several health presentations at the North Canton Civic Center for the Senior Population. 100% recommend.

My life was fine but I was always frustrated about my blood sugar and wanted to see if I could work on weight loss while keeping my blood sugar under control. My biggest hesitation was that it would not work for me.

I feel that Jaime practices what she preaches, as the saying goes. You can tell by being around her that she takes good care of herself and her family and believes in the practice of clean eating.

Physically, I feel as if I'm controlling my blood sugar and getting stronger with the movement sets [that she assigns to me].


Mentally and spiritually I feel as if I believe in myself more and I've done things that I never thought I could do. And I've made a new friend. :-)

Jaime Palinchak’s integrated nutrition plan is the real deal if you follow it. I’ve lost 20 pounds since New Year’s Day and the first time under 200 pounds in quite awhile.



Once Jaime gets you under her wing you never forget what you’ve learned. You actually think about what you are eating knowing Jaime is always available if you need her.

I am a mid-50’s man who had let work and inertia get the best of me. I was overweight and not moving nearly enough.


Wow, what a difference she’s made in my life! She is informative, supportive and motivating. She really is the epitome of the word “coach;" letting me accentuate my own strengths while at the same time pushing me to stretch (literally and figuratively!) to achieve the goals she helped me set. All the while she backs up her advice with sound, research-based info.


I am eating a substantially healthier diet. I’m cooking more often. I’m exercising regularly and trying a few new things including, to my surprise, my new favorite exercise, yoga. She has me focusing on how I feel and creating habits that will support my wellness for years to come. As a bonus, my weight has declined significantly and the clothes that were hanging in the closet because they were too tight are getting a new life. Also, I don’t want to forget to mention her recipes - she has a real talent in making you want to eat foods that will help you meet your goals. Thanks, Jaime!

I am more aware of food choices, drinking more water, cooking new foods, not beating myself up for a "bad" food choice.


I love the weekly action steps and the knowledge! I now [surprisingly] appreciate food and nutrition.


Everyday is a new chance to make a better choice. Love it!!

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Eat Well
with Ease
at Home


Hi, I'm Jaime!

I am a health coach, nutrition coach, and personal trainer - as well as a mom of three and a lifelong distance runner.   As the owner and operating manager of The Whole Plate LLC, I strive to spread the ripple effect of whole-person wellness. How we feel, function, and live is dependent on more than just the foods on our plate - but by all of the other aspects of life that "nourish" and "feed" us. This is why I offer more than just nutrition services and seek to support you in your everyday habits.   TINY ACTION STEPS ADD UP TO LONG-TERM WELLNESS.


Custom 1:1 Nutrition and Wellness Coaching

Eating better doesn't have to be an impossible goal!


A package composed of 12 weekly 1-hour custom sessions. Become more mindful of your eating patterns and daily habits and take small, consistent action steps towards a more health-promoting lifestyle - both on and off the plate.

1:1 guidance, habit tracking, accountability, research supported educational resources, and all the tools you need to reach your wellness goals.

Nourish with Intention vs_edited_edited.


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