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Wondering What a Coach Actually Is?

Clients don't me to be given a PDF of the 10 principles of intuitive eating or to be told that "All bodies are good bodies". That information is free on the internet. They don't NEED healthy recipes from a coach or a 20 page e-book on clean eating. That's all available easily on the internet, too. The value of coaching 1:1 is that it takes clients from where they are to where they want to be. The process itself is the true impact. That's where real transformation comes. So what do I do as an integrative nutrition health coach?

I provide the support and framework for you to move from where you are to where you want to be, aka to your "result."

The path to client result is a belief in the possibility.

I believe in my clients' capacity to get to the result. It is not my job to convince you, to push you, or force my own lifestyle on you. That would be diet culture coaching.

I hold the belief for you until you can believe in your own capacity to progress and achieve your goals. Sometimes the most important thing for improving health habits is simply having someone in your corner.

I reflect how you create your current reality... and therefore how you can create a different reality through consistency and small action steps.

That's empowerment.

I aim to foster self-trust in yourself.

I don't tell my clients exactly what to do 24/7: I guide them to find the answer within themselves, so they can see that they trust themselves and are capable.


I am a mirror, a neutral, non-bias, non-judgmental mirror so you can see a different perspective and maybe notice and address the blind spots that have been keeping you stuck up to now. That is why I listen.

I give perspective. I am not there to agree with you, but to help you reframe your mindset and habits.

I present choices & empower YOU to make the choice. Making decisions for you is not coaching. That's control. Only you have control over your lifestyle.

I say what needs to be said. Sometimes it's necessary to call out what's in the way of your success. A friend gives unconditional support. A coach gives support that allows you to take steps in alignment with your specific goals.

I am a product of my product. I myself am coached for those processes that benefit from it. I believe in the power of 1:1 support.

A client can buy a book for $25. They are not hiring me for PDFs and worksheets… they hire a coach to make the process and approach accessible and sustainable.

I feel it’s important for my clients to try new things, while respecting the boundaries of their goals and values.

I focus on nutrition as the backbone, but depending on the client, we can dive deep into relationships, career, finance, mental health, anything the client wants to dive into.

The ultimate goal is lasting change & transformation, right?

Transformation doesn’t happen without hard work between BOTH client and Coach. With the client in the drivers seat.

More questions?

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