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Why Getting Toned/Eating Healthier/Losing Weight *Slowly* is a GOOD Thing

Other than the damage fad diets can do to your body... They also create a "bubble" of results. Even if you see fast, positive changes in your body, it doesn't take much to break the streak. When you go back to your normal routine or you find you can't stick to the new plan 100% anymore... The bubble pops. Old weight comes back, sometimes even more than before! This is the issue with relying on short-term solutions... And it's also the reason I don't worry when I slip for a day (or even two) here and there. I built my body composition and solid nutrition habits over the course of years, with ebbs and flows along the way. And those individuals admired for their own fitness and wellness "success" are almost always the product of years of consistent efforts as well.

It's not going to disappear in a couple of days! Embrace exercise and nutrition for the long haul and you'll always reap the rewards. Shoot for quick fixes and they will never cease to backfire. Something to bear in mind. If you're willing to take the small action steps towards improving your health and wellness, get started with a free initial consult!

Whether you are interested in nutrition and habit coaching/classes OR or personal training or fitness classes, a conversation about goals and your unique "why" is essential.

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