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What If?

What if we changed our mindset from “I need to lose weight…” to “I desire to be the healthiest version of myself?"

Would we focus more on positive food choices, movement, stress reduction, better sleep, more water intake…?

And wouldn’t that ultimately allow our body to get to its natural ”healthy” weight that we would be able to maintain long term?

Then we wouldn’t focus on being “on plan” or “off plan”. We wouldn’t focus on what we “can’t eat”. We wouldn’t see exercise as something we “had to do” rather something we “get to do!”

How would your choices and mindset change if you decided to be “healthy” rather than “skinny”? Feeling and functioning better instead of weighing a specific number?

Maybe you'd LOVE to get started, but you're waiting for the perfect time. However, this is a type of "all or nothing" thinking - and, unfortunately, it doesn't usually get us "all," but rather it gives us nothing.

"I could ___ but ___" keeps us safe from change, keeps us in our bubble and perpetually repeating and practicing the same bad, non-health promoting habits. And, while we've all heard before that there will never be a perfect time ---- it's still hard to take the step from what we want to do to actually doing it.

All you have is right now, so the perfect time is now.

Find support, take your moments and MAKE your moments. Because what matters is what we DO, not what we want to do.

Improving our wellness is not a project with a deadline or end date. It's always evolving, a dynamic process! What if we thought about it this way: Living well, not just "getting" healthy. How would that change your perspective on the right time?


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