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The Most Important Relationship You'll Ever Have

Self-Care and Self-Acceptance

Because the relationship you have with yourself is the most important one that you have.

We focus a lot on our external relationships (our significant other, our friendships, our colleagues and bosses, our neighbors, etc.). It can be easy to prioritize these relationships and give them your time, energy and attention.

That's not to say that prioritizing healthy relationships is bad. But are you prioritizing the relationship you have with yourself, too?

Think about how incredible you are, how much you do for yourself: working out, taking care of your body, stocking the fridge with your favorite healthy foods (and those of your family), cleaning up the house, working, taking care of children... You're really something!

It's so important to build a foundation of self-love while building this beautiful, productive life. Not only does it help you feel generally better, but building self-esteem correlates to improved health.


Taking care of your mind, body and soul is extremely important.

Practicing self-care to reduce or eliminate stress and unhealthy habits from life is a fantastic upgrade to an individual’s way of living.

Everyone has their definition of self-care. It allows you to do whatever makes you feel good and at peace. Every act that makes your soul feel at home and brings a clearer and positive mindset is an act of self-care.

The primary step to adding self-care to your routine is to identify everything that feeds your mind, soul and body positively, from the inside out. The way we spend our everyday lives matters. It is the foundation of our mental wellbeing.

If you have been practicing self-care, you will notice that whenever you DON'T do it, you begin to feel off the track. Your body doesn’t feel right, and you don’t usually have the power to attend to things properly. Your productivity dies out, and life seems too blue. This is when your body needs you to pivot back and attend to your self-care rituals.

Self-care brings energy and positivity in your life. And if you are in search of ways to upgrade your daily self-care rituals, then I'm here to help!

Start by promising 10 minutes to yourself daily, doing whatever makes your body feel relaxed and at peace. Here are some ways through which you can upgrade your self-care practices and make yourself feel at home, nourishing your existence.

Start your day with a cup of sunshine

We all have a beverage that is extremely crucial for us to kick start our day. It is best to start your day with a full glass of lukewarm water (room temperature water is also excellent) and then get your cup of tea or coffee, whatever it is that you normally have. However, you need to change the way you sip on it. Don’t be in a hurry. Sip on it calmly.

If you have a particular space in your house that activates your senses, then sit there and slowly sip on your cup of sunshine. This is the best time to meditate as well. You can write in a journal about how you visualize the day ahead of you or how you want it to be. Or you can try other ways to meditate.

Meditation is not easy to add to your routine, so start with 5 minutes of it and then work up to 15-20 minutes.

Mindfulness, setting a mantra for the day and deep breathing are the most natural forms of meditating in the morning.

Now, you can head out to work with a lot of confidence and positivity radiating from your body.

Upgrade your Night-time Routine

A nighttime routine is vital for you to calm your senses and declutter your mind from the entire day’s mess. A warm shower, followed by a cup of hot tea or golden milk or maybe a good face massage or skincare routine, can make you feel calm. Giving yourself 10 minutes of self-care before you doze off makes it easier for you to fall asleep. It will also help you feel fresher in the morning, and a skincare routine will add a glow to your face.

Also, make sure that you get into bed at the right time and try your best to get 7-8 hours of sleep. Your sleeping pattern holds a lot of importance in your overall energy, and you must pay attention to it.

Practice the Pause

We are always on the go, which makes it hard for our body to keep going without a break. We feel exhausted, and our energy drains rapidly. Slowing down is essential, and sadly, our society is in the habit of overlooking the importance of it. This is one of the main reasons as to why we are always stressed as well.

Reminding yourself that it is okay to pause, and practicing it regularly, is crucial.

Also, try positive affirmations in the pausing ritual. They can add an extra layer of self-assurance that will lead you towards a calmer state of mind. Repeating affirmations makes you believe them and molds you into the human being you want to be.

Try dry brushing before the shower

Dry brushing is beneficial for the stimulation of the lymphatic system. It also boosts your skin.

It is best to start from your foot, in gradual, circular motions, and move towards your heart slowly. You can also add some essential oil to your hands which can help release stress and anxiety. Also, move your hand from your heart to your head. The aim is to massage the body to relax. Eucalyptus oil is beneficial in this context and also leaves your skin feeling great.


One of the nicest things you can do for yourself is disconnect from the electronic world to connect inward. Set firmer boundaries around work, obligations, and expectations.

Try designating one day a week as a tech-free day (no phone, no computer?), or at the very least, signing off for a consistent one to two hours per day and giving yourself time to unplug. You'll allow your brain and nervous system to recalibrate a bit and create some sacred space for yourself.

You and your health are worth the "discomfort" of turning off the devices for a bit.


Here's another reminder: Self-care isn't selfish! Follow the advice you would tell a tired friend, an overworked spouse, or a stressed coworker: take some time to treat yourself.

We tend to think of self-care practices like massages, facials, acupuncture, or naps as superfluous indulgences. In reality, they help us maintain good physical health, promote recovery, and support posture and skin health.


Envision you are your own "valentine." Write down all the reasons you appreciate your valentine, all the wonderful things "they" do for you.

Complimenting yourself and recognizing your achievements can be hard, but try to open up to it. You will realize all the wonderful things you do for yourself.

A love letter to yourself is a massive practice of gratitude.


I don't just mean with vegetables. Packing your fridge and pantry with your favorite healthy foods (and favorite soul foods) is a huge way to show your body love. Get excited about your favorites, the foods that make you feel good, and put that grocery list together.

To reignite your motivation in the kitchen, try picking out one new recipe per week. Choose a handful of simple morning meals that can be easily meal prepped in 5 minutes or less. Make a healthier version of one of your indulgences.


Just like better self-esteem leads to better health, physical activity also leads to better self-esteem! Whether it's a yoga session or butt-kicking cardio, you'll do wonders for your brain, body, and self-love level.

All movement makes a difference. If life is busy and it feels like there's no time, showing yourself some love could be as simple as setting 10 minute breaks to get up and walk around every hour or two.


This might seem materialistic, and, to a degree, it is. But when was the last time you got yourself a present? Maybe you're the ultimate guest who always remembers a hostess gift, or you're always on top of birthdays and showers, anniversaries and gifts of love to others.

Think of something special that would truly mean a lot to you, something that maybe nobody else knows you want... and go for it! You deserve it. It doesn't have to be extravagant. It could be a latte. It could be a nap. Just something that you really want.


If you're stressed, anxious, or just need a breather, meditation is one of the best things you can do for yourself, both clinically and spiritually. It is simple, free, powerful, and healing.

Try guided meditations or simply practice being still and quiet.


With these simple and easy to use rituals, you can take your self-care routine up a notch. Upgrading your practices helps you feel calm and at home. Feeling connected to yourself inspires you to do better and be better, and this is the essence of a kind and healthy lifestyle.

Let your mind, body and soul explore themselves. Some rituals might not suit you, and that is fine because everybody is different. You can always look for different ways to attend to self-care and whatever feels like home, is the best for you. These practices help you in staying active and consistent in life. Taking a break and pausing now and then help you reconnect with your mind and soul and also allow the body to breathe.

Self-care is extremely crucial, and we must make it a part of our daily lives.

Feed your mind, body and soul with best so that they return you with the best too.

Be Intentionally Well


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