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Take a Sneak Peak Inside My 12-Week Course!

Here's a sneak peak at the concepts addressed in my 12-week course, Making Healthy Habits Stick! Along with the topic at hand, participants will also receive accountability tools, recipes, and more!

This course is for you if you want to move your everyday lifestyle in a positive, health-promoting direction, even if you may not have a specific goal or target. Informative, positive, and full of support, this course is a wonderful way to invest in your wellbeing, today and in the future.

**Live, in-person classes available. Next scheduled course begins Monday, February 20 (5 pm). Head here to sign up!

I am also happy to lead this course with you and a small group (up to 5 per group) either: in a different time slot in person, or via virtual format.

To discuss options, email me at




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