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Sugar: The Biggest Obstacle

How many times have you wondered: "How do I cut sugar out of my diet? Every time I think I can do it, that's all I want to eat!"

A little bit of back story before we talk about cutting it out. Sugar is addicting. It tells our brain that life is good... for about 30 minutes. As that feeling wears off, our brain starts to look for more. Hence the cravings for more sugar. On average, Americans eat 24 tsp of sugar a day...A DAY. You might be saying "no way, not me." however I encourage you to spend some time looking at how much sugar you are really eating. 1tsp of sugar = 4grams of sugar Again it might not seem like a lot. Two slices of white bread are on average 1 tsp of sugar. If you think about it, just in two slices of toast with jelly on it you might already be getting 2 tsp of sugar to start your day.

Sugar adds up quicker than we can even imagine.

Sugar cravings are often the hardest part of starting or maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This is especially true if you are dealing with sugar addiction related to hidden sugar in foods or high levels of sugar in your daily diet. Sometimes sugar cravings can lead to give up and completely derail from your working towards your health goals.

Just like with any sustainable healthy habit, reducing your sugar intake is a process, not an overnight project or quick fix.

But the benefits of cutting back on the sugar are almost too numerous to count, beginning with more balanced energy and fewer cravings now... and ultimately with disease and illness prevention in the future.

If you would like some support and light structure to tackle this (or any other nutrition/wellness goal), I'd love to set up a free initial consult so we can get busy working together!

Whether you would like to work 1:1 or schedule a wellness workshop (maybe one on sugar for you and your friends, coworkers, or family members?)... I'd love to help!

Email me directly at to schedule a consult




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