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Spring Cleaning for YOU

I hope you had a great weekend.

Warmer and brighter days are coming soon, my friend!

Anyone else love a good spring clean of their house every year? I know I do. It makes me feel so good AFTER it’s done. The during, not as much. haha. But throughout the year, we collect so much clutter, things phase out, toys pile up, clothes collect dust, and junk drawers get stuffed to where they barely close. So spending a day or two to start fresh is good for us.

When it comes to health and wellness, we often need a spring clean as well. Our world is filled with toxins, negativity, pressure to do more, stress, and so much more. All of which affects our physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health.

Today, I want to share some ways we can clean out some of these things in our lives and spring clean our lives so we can start fresh and work to improve our health in all areas this season and beyond.

While there are many ways and things we can clean our or change up, here are some top ones I encourage you to try!

  • Dirty Dozen- The dirty dozen refers to the 12 foods that have the most pesticides. While this list can change some, it is important to work to buy organic when buying these items. Below is a graphic with the Dirty Dozen and then the Clean 15 which are the foods with the least pesticides that can be bought normal.

  • Household Items- Our household items like cleaning supplies, beauty and skin care can be full of chemicals and toxins that we should be avoiding. With little regulation over these things, it is hard to completely avoid. However, there are plenty of cleaner options out there. Look for items that are all natural when possible. Here is a safer product search tool for your every day household cleaners and items. Search Products that Meet the Safer Choice Standard | US EPA

  • To-Do List- Between work, life, kids, and all the things, we tend to feel the need to always be busy doing something. Our to-do lists are never ending and that can cause stress on our mind and body. Work on prioritizing what is a necessity and what is a luxury. Down time is OKAY! Take a look at your list and see what can wait or maybe even taken off.

  • Social Media- If you find yourself scrolling mindlessly for hours a week on social media, maybe it is time to clean that up. Look at what you are reading or watching and if it is negative or maybe causes you to go down a rabbit hole, consider not consuming it. For some it may be unfollowing people or companies who are toxic. Focus on what brings you joy!

  • Stress- While stress is ever present, we can do little things to reduce it and manage it better. Sit down and think about what things cause you stress. Can you do something about it? Maybe have a conversation with someone, meditate in the morning instead of reading the news, or take a walk when something starts to stress you out. Stress is very detrimental to our health and our lives are becoming more and more stressful due to society. How can you work to reduce and mange your stress?

Well, are you ready to spring clean your health now? It may sound overwhelming, but you do not have to completely clean up everything! Make little changes here and there to clean up different areas of your health.

For a 3-day detailed, recipe-packed, step-by-step Spring detox, get started today with my 3-Day Spring Refresh. (PLUS - when you get your refresh, I'll send you my new guide "5 Clean Eating Hacks" for free!)

Hungry for some lemony recipes now that Spring is here? Check out this post!!

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