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Spring Clean Your Eating Habits

Updated: 2 days ago

Springtime is here, and while most people are concerned with eliminating the cob webs and dust bunnies that have accumulated in their homes over the Winter, it's a great idea to take the same approach for your body!

Let's face it. For most people, the chill in the Winter air brings into our lives more sugary baked treats, heavier foods, and fewer fresh foods. So make the choice to Spring Clean your eating habits for a refreshing start to the warmer months.

  1. Clean Out Your Fridge

You can't eat what's not there. Your home is your safe haven - why let those foods and choices that don't serve your health and wellness be there? It would be like if Superman had kryptonite stored in his kitchen. That's an extreme example, but we all have those trigger foods that we just can't help ourselves from eating.

How about the pantry? Those snack boxes and sugary treats still calling your name?

2. Back Away From the Sugar

Sugar is a beast. Inflammation, premature aging, cardiovascular disease, excess weight and more... you name it, sugar is probably at least partly to blame. Try to avoid it in processed foods as much as possible.

3. Avoid Packaged Foods

It's the truth. Prepackaged foods are convenient - but most times they are just not health-promoting. Certainly, there are healthy snack alternatives, and by no means can anyone avoid packaged foods altogether.

Just be more conscious of your choices. Indulging in prepackaged foods can expose you to more than your fair share of added sugar, salt, preservatives, food dyes, and more.

Think of fresh foods as high octane fuel for a mustang and prepackaged convenience foods as low grade generic sludge for a slow junk car.

Even if you don't think that you are driving a mustang right now, is it a life goal? Be the change you want to see. What are you fueling yourself with?

So, while you're in the mindset of cleaning up this season, how can you implement a few small habits to Spring Clean your eating habits as well?

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