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6 Signs You Have Inflammation

You've probably heard the term "inflammation" or "chronic inflammation" before, but what is it? Why is it important for you?

Inflammation is a pervasive, underlying contributor to many everyday symptoms and annoyances. Over time, it builds upon itself and directly contributes to many dangerous, preventable conditions. What's the good news? You can address it and harness the power of food as fuel and nourishment to reduce the havoc inflammation can play on your health. Sign up for my Level Up Session: Understanding Inflammation. It's a 60-minute class devoted to understanding inflammation as well as learning ways to better manage and prevent it through habits and food choices. For my in-person class (located at Intelligent Fitness), sign up at: If you'd like to discuss this virtually, email me at for the class! I offer other Level Up Sessions, group courses, and 1:1 custom wellness coaching as well. For all other available wellness services, visit: Be well!

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