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5 Reasons to Eat a Whole Foods, Plant-Based Diet

So, you've heard the term "plant-based diet" many times, I'm sure!

What exactly is the buzz about? For one thing, you truly have many options available within the world of "plant-based." For some people, it means only occasionally eating meat, dairy, and fish. For others, it means focusing on eating whole foods and ditching the processed foods. For others still, it can mean focusing on removing those foods that are the most inflammatory: refined oils, sugar, gluten, and dairy.

Let's be clear about something, though. You can eat potato chips and Oreos all day and call yourself a plant-based eater. THAT is not going to benefit you. Ever.

Rather, it is striving for consistently eating plant-based, WHOLE FOODS that brings you optimal benefit. It's all about thinking about what you eating through the lens of how how it nourishes you today and in the long run.

It is a MINDSET.

Every step towards the whole foods approach is a step in the right direction. Taking control over what you eat is empowering and self-motivating; it sparks the changes you are looking to make and that you truly need. Will power fades. Habits are established.

"There are 3 known causes of most disease. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner." (Dr. John McDougall)

Yes, you can exercise 24/7 and meditate until the world ends. But eating poorly will always negate any strides made this way. It's about eating well as a form of self-respect. You wouldn't put junk gas in your car every week and expect it to function optimally. The same goes for what you feed your body.

I get it. It seems a bit daunting, overwhelming, or confusing to consider shifting your mindset and habits towards food. BELIEVE me. I get it.

However, it doesn't need to happen all on day one. Nor should it. Small steps add up to long-term progress. What changes are you ready to make?

Are you ready to take the next step?

I'm thrilled to invite you to join me in "30-Day Plant Based Eating for Beginners," my introductory program that explains and sets you on the right foot to your own personal health movement.

Not sure if you're willing to commit? No worries. It's only 30 days. But I am confident that you will be inspired by how good you feel, even in this short period of time.

Head on over and check out the details. I'd love to be your support in your plant-based journey to wellness.

Be well!

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