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Your Plan for 2023

If you're setting health goals for 2023, it's important to get REALLY clear on them.

Clarity - combined with consistency and accountability - makes it possible to go from knowing what you need to do to actually doing it.

Here are 5 questions to make it easier to clearly set, and ultimately work towards, your goals in 2023! (I suggest writing them down and journaling your answers in detail.)

What specifically are my health and nutrition goals?

If I looked back one year from today, what would I have needed to make happen to be happy with my progress?

Why are these goals important to me? What's really driving me?

What's holding me back from hitting these goals?

Is the fear of failure worth it?

The first step to any kind of change, big or small, is taking the first step.

Making a plan and finding a support system is key.

As a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Nutrition Coach, and Personal Trainer, I provide the human link of accountability and the action step framework you need to build the healthy habits that compose a lifestyle of wellness.

Everyone has a different goal, a different weakness, a different path to feeling better. I'd be honored to meet you where you are and support you through the small action steps you need to finally feel confident and energized in your nutrition and wellness patterns.

2023 Services:

Free Initial Consultation

"Nourish with Intention" - 12 week custom 1:1 nutrition coaching

"Level Up" Session - single 1-hour class on specific topic

"Making Health Habits Stick" Course - 12-week course

Wellness Workshops

Jaime's Kitchen

Contact me with questions:

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