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What You DON'T Need This Year is Another Diet

You know what you don't need in 2023?

Another diet.

Because, here is the truth: You’re not failing diets. Diets are failing you.

Most diets are actually making fat loss harder by having you eat less and less calories and do more and more cardio (helllooo slow metabolism! )

They don’t show you how to fuel your body properly while including “fun” foods along the way.

You’re left with giving up ice cream dates with your kiddos because “Mommy’s on a diet”

Of course these diets don’t work. You can’t sustain something that causes you to miss your life or that you feel BECOMES your life.

But the biggest thing missing from most mainstream diets?

They don’t teach you how to create a LIFESTYLE that will continue to serve you once the "diet" or quick fix would have ended/failed.

That is why you don’t need another diet this new year.

Does a lifestyle of wellness sound more appealing than another diet that creates stress and guilt? Of course it does. And I'm here to help you build that lifestyle and all the healthy habits therein.

Book a free consult to get the conversation started!!

I offer 1:1 custom coaching AS WELL AS single classes and my signature 12-week course, "Making Healthy Habits Stick."

For more information on my 12-week course, visit:

Single class offerings:

Level Up Session - Understanding Inflammation (10 a.m. Mondays starting January 23)

Level Up Session - Clean Eating Principles (3 p.m. Tuesdays starting January 24)

Level Up Session - Build a Better Smoothie (4 p.m. Tuesdays starting January 24)

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