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What's Your Fitness Plan?

What's a fitness style you've never tried that interests you?

What gets your heart pumping or your body slowed down or your muscles you never knew you had working?

While 1:1 personal training is a great idea for personalized attention and progression for specific goals and needs-

Small fitness classes allow you to:

Stay consistent throughout the week

Enjoy the company of others

Try something new

Balance out the primary movement types you normally do

At The Whole Plate Studio, my classes cap at 4 people, so no overwhelm or "gym anxiety" !

Class types offered:

Beginner Barre

Intermediate Barre



Full Body Strength/HIIT

Also available:

1:1 Personal Training

60 Minute Full Body Stretch session

60 Minute Guided Meditation

1:1 Nutrition and Wellness Coaching

Nutrition Workshops

Free Saturday Morning Run Group

Contact me at to get involved and moving!

Book a Service, Consult, or Class

Packages and Membership

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