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What Exercise is Best?

As you know, there are so many different kinds of workouts that you can do...

From strength training to HIIT to cycling to yoga to running to Barre to pilates to kickboxing to Zumba...the list goes on and on and on!

That said, let's talk about the BEST forms of exercise...

We all need to ask this question to ourselves first:"Which form of exercise do I enjoy and will I stick with?" The reason I say ask this first is because doing something you enjoy, will help you build momentum and consistency.

For example, if you said I had to go out and bike 4-5 days per week for my workouts...

I would dread it each day... For me, biking just isn't my thing, whether it be stationary or outdoors.

That said, if you told me that I had to strength train or run for my workouts... I'd be PUMPED!

It is important (especially when you are first starting out) to focus on what you ENJOY and what will fit your schedule.

When it comes to overall training in terms of benefit and fitness:

Incorporating some form of strength training is essential.

Even if you love running or cycling or yoga, add in strength training a few days per week.

This can be done with traditional strength training or through HIIT, weighted pilates or Barre, or banded resistance workouts.

Building, increasing, and maintaining lean muscle mass is absolutely integrative to our sustained wellness, especially as we age, so some form of weight bearing/strength training exercise is a must for well rounded fitness and functional strength.

Beyond that, look for a plan that fits YOUR schedule. If you can't train for 60-minutes, 5 days per week... don't! You can see amazing results training 2-5 days per week for as little as 15-30 minutes when you do the right workouts for your body, goals, and fitness level.

For me, when I am short on time...

I love doing HIIT or an AMRAP or a shorter, higher intensity run.

Finally, it is important to address and work on mobility and flexibility. If you are a more intense, high impact person, these may seem like menial, boring areas of focus. However, they are key to stay healthy and prevent injury and to maintain the strength and stamina you build.

At the most basic level, warming up and cooling down before and after workouts help keeps muscles and circulation and heart rate dynamic and in the right zones.

Start looking at mobility like brushing your teeth.

Do it on the daily, if not a few times a day, especially if you have previous injury or tightness/pain/stiffness in any joints or muscle groups.

To recap:

1) Find what you ENJOY!

2) Add in strength training (traditional or HIIT style)

3) Get in your mobility

And as always...

Keep it simple, and don't expect perfection!

Your health and fitness is a long game, not a quick fix situation (nor would you want it to be!).

Keep showing up and build your momentum!

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