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What are the Health Benefits of Oat Milk?

Over the past year, a lot of health and wellness trends have popped up. But one that seemed to go at full speed and get the attention of health-inspired people everywhere is oat milk. It is no surprise since dairy-free milk like almond and cashew has been popular for several years now. Oat milk is another dairy-free option, that is a little nuttier than the rest, and is slightly thicker so it can be great for smoothies.

You Get Tons of Nutrients

To start with, when you use oat milk, you get all the health benefits of eating oats. Maybe you aren’t a fan of oatmeal, but you want all the dietary fiber, calcium, vitamin A, vitamin D, and B12 that oats contain. Well, you’re in luck! Oat milk is made from oats and water, where you are straining the nutrients and making a liquid from the oats themselves. This makes for a thicker milk that is delicious, tastes just like oats, and gives you a lot of important vitamins and minerals.

It is a Dairy-Free Alternative to Cow’s Milk

Going dairy-free is more popular than ever before. Whether you are lactose intolerant, vegan, or just don’t like how you feel after consuming dairy, oat milk gives you another great option. Maybe you are allergic to soy so you can’t consume soy milk, and want to try something different than cashew or almond milk. Oat milk often contains more fiber and nutrients than some of these other options, plus if you are just a fan of oats, you might prefer the flavor of this type of milk.

It May Lower Your Cholesterol

Oat milk has also been shown to lower cholesterol and even balance out blood pressure in people who drink it on a regular basis. Oat milk contains beta-glucans, which are a type of soluble fiber that can be great for your health. They help to lower cholesterol and boost your cardiovascular health. Nutrients in oat milk like vitamin D and vitamin A can also help to boost your immunity, according to a study listed in the U.S. National Library of Medicine.

Whether or not you see these health benefits from oat milk, it is a tasty alternative to cow’s milk and dairy-free milk alternatives. You can drink oat milk on its own, use it in smoothies or smoothie bowls, or even add it to your oatmeal for a thick, flavorful breakfast.


How to Make Oat Milk at Home


4 cups water

2 Medjool dates, pitted

1/8 teaspoon salt

1 cup old fashioned oats


First, place dates, water, and salt into a high-speed blender and blend until dates are completely pulverized and blended into the water.

Next, place rolled oats into the blender and blend for about 1 minute on high until oats are broken up, but not pulverized. If you pulverize the oats too much you will end up with a filmy and slimy consistency.

Next, place a tea towel or nut milk bag (or any other very thin towel) over the top of a tall mason jar or pitcher.

Slowly pour oat milk mixture into the tea towel to strain out oat fragments. You may have to squeeze the towel a bit to push the oat milk through the towel. Repeat until all oat milk has strained through the towel (be patient, sometimes this takes a while).

Place a cover on the mason jar and store oat milk in the refrigerator for up to 7 days.


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