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Let's Talk about Weight Loss

People tend to be all in or all out with their views. Views on health and wellness are no exception.

Think vegan vs. Keto, HIIT cardiovascular vs. Pranayama yoga, 6 small meals per day vs. Fasting.

There are so many polar opposite views in the world of wellness that it's hard to know what is right or wrong.

In reality, there really are no absolutes. No one diet trend or fitness program is the "right" one or "wrong" one.

One of the most applicable examples is the concept of weight loss... both its priority level and its efficacy.

If you are overweight and unhappy about it (aka, the problem), then it seems obvious that losing weight becomes the solution.

Naturally, by extension, the solution becomes the goal.

But - as people who have successfully (or unsuccessfully) lost weight know all too well - weight loss can be wildly unpredictable.

As a result, many people end up developing an unhealthy relationship with their weight and overall body image. They may end up flipping sides: demonizing the scale and anyone who suggests using it. They may then believe tracking weight doesn't serve any purpose at all.


However many pounds you lose in whatever amount of time is not what really matters most.

Weight loss is not the endgame. It isn't really even the fundamental goal.

The goal is to eat in a more nourishing way and be more physically active in a way that supports functionality and mobility........

So that you feel better, sleep better, perform better, and ultimately thrive in all areas of your life.

If you have a lot of body fat to lose, and if you consistently implement better eating habits and fitness routines, then you will lose weight. That is a positive because the weight loss is a side effect of those wonderful, healthy changes.

The bottom line:

Weight loss, in and of itself, is not the end goal.

Feeling better, having more energy for the ones you love, and developing sustainable healthy habits... those are goals. Those are quality of life.

Weight loss is one side effect.

It is also a tool, one of many others like measurements, fitness gains, clothing fit, better sleep, more energy, greater confidence, and so many more.

These tools are lifestyle markers that show that the changes you are making are indeed moving you towards the improved wellness you want.

So if weight loss is your supposed primary motivating factor to improve how you eat and exercise, I encourage you to consider what that weight loss will truly accomplish for you. That is your goal.

I'd be honored to work with you. Sometimes support and accountability are the missing pieces of the puzzle.

You can be intentionally well 💚

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