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The Many Ways of "Healthy"

Search for health advice and you will find information about every food and diet known to man.

If you feel confused about what is healthy, you're not alone.

Some foods that may be healthy for one person and a source of distress or distaste for another. For example, while a high fiber diet can help prevent colon cancer, it is considered unhealthy for someone who has just gone through colon surgery.

Another example could be ... if someone just can't seem to stick to drinking green smoothies and reverts back to cookies instead, fir one reason or another, the smoothies are not a sustainable option for this person.

Of course, healthy eating is a process, and not necessarily one that has an end point.

The term "healthy eating" is very vague and can mean many things. It is determined by trends, culture, and experience.

It is not always black and white, nor does it stay the same as we change and age.

Making healthy habit shifts should be healthy for your situation, your lifestyle, and beneficial in the way you want it to be.

Some clear healthy eating habits that most people agree with are eating more vegetables and less processed foods.

From this point forward, I would love to help you assess your current habits and support the shifts that are best for you.

I don't want to tell you exactly how to eat.

Rather, I aim to help you take information and tools I provide so you can transform your own system, step by step.

Free yourself from perfectionism and know that healthy eating IS a process.

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