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The Key to Maintaining Healthy Habits: Mindset, Mindset, Mindset

One very basic way to phrase this fundamental concept: You can talk about kale and broccoli and exercise until you're blue in the face, but if you don't shift the WAY YOU THINK about food or exercise, their benefits will not manifest.

This means... what is your motive for making changes? WHY do you want to improve your health? Do you truly believe that shifting your eating and activity patterns will make a difference for you?

Nutrition advice is everywhere. Every click of a button on Instagram or Pinterest, and you've landed on another article or recipe highlighting why you should count macros, count calories, cut out sugar, smother your world in coconut oil, etc. It's not the information that brings you results. It's how you perceive those potential results CHANGING YOUR EVERYDAY LIFE.

We all want to lose weight, have more energy, feel better, stop craving unhealthy foods, start exercising more... those are the generics. But the specifics of why YOU are ready to shift YOUR thought patterns in a way that is meaningful and effective for your goals is what makes the difference. Most of the time, the WHY is infinitely more important than the HOW.

Habits that seem too challenging or difficult become manageable and attractive when you associate them with a positive experience. This is precisely the reason that I coach 1:1 clients for 6 months at a time. It seems like forever, right? But, really, it's a perfect length of time to:

1. fully develop your goals,

2. spend two weeks on each specific action step, thereby reducing the overwhelm of making too many changes at once,

3. experience results incrementally, according to each specific action taken,

4. experience those periods of time where your motivation lags or plateaus, and learning how to embrace those ebbs and flows as PART OF LIFE, not failing.

Do cleanses and detoxes serve a purpose? Yes, absolutely. They are the 1-,2-, or even 4-week kick-starters that are often highly effective tools to begin your journey to wellness.

But to establish and and maintain healthy habits for life, long-term focus coaching really allows you to integrate and personalize those changes and mindset shifts for good.

Click here to book your very own 6-Month Healthy Habits for Life Program and begin your customized transformation experience.

Or, click here to book a free health strategy call with me to discuss your specific goals, needs, and questions:

I look forward to being the support and accountability you need.


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