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Spring Into Intentional Fitness and Nutrition at The Whole Plate

Updated: Mar 10

Some exciting things coming up at The Whole Plate Studio in the Spring!

> The first section of my Low Impact Sculpt Course (2 time options available)

Group 1:

Group 2:

> Strength Training Fundamentals (8-week course)

> My 12-Week Intentional Nutrition Group Course

  I'm excited to offer a variety of ways for you to move, learn, practice healthier habits, and add a level of intention to your fitness and nutrition.

If the group environment doesn't suit you, and you're looking for a more 1:1, customized approach, personal training and private nutrition coaching can be great options for you.

Barre, Pilates, and Stretch/Mobility classes also offered weekly!

Email me at if you have questions !

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