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Non-Scale Victories

Updated: Aug 16, 2022


Your alarm goes off, you get up, go to the bathroom, and step on the scale…up .6lbs! Ugh! Sound familiar? So many people put such emphasis on that number, that number on the scale, and it causes them to miss so many other benefits and “victories” they are achieving. These are known as non-scale victories, or successes in your fitness and nutrition journey that can not be measured on the scale. While seeing the number on the scale go down is a great feeling, I think it should be viewed as more of an “added bonus” to the non-scale victories. Having this mindset and a focus bigger than weight loss will help you stick to your fitness and nutrition plan longer, and truly make it a lifestyle. But what is a non-scale victory? Below are my top non-scale victories to strive for and celebrate!

  1. Increased Energy – It seems like we are all busy, tired, and run on caffeine! But maybe after changing up your diet and adding in a few more days of exercise you now notice you don’t need that extra iced coffee in the afternoon to get through those last few hours of conference calls and emails.

  2. Better Sleep – Sleeping through the night, and waking up feeling refreshed is huge! This will directly improve energy levels as well.

  3. Faster, Stronger Performances – Hitting PRs! These are the best non-scale victories in my opinion. You hit a clean and jerk PR, or did your first pull-up. Maybe you beat your 5k time by 2 minutes, your endurance and strength are improving! Set more performance goals. For example I want to back squat 200lbs in the next 8 weeks, or I want to run my first half marathon next May, INSTEAD of just I want to lose 15lbs.

  4. Choosing Healthier Foods – And not because someone is making you either, but because you can see an improvement in yourself and want to keep improving. Choosing clean, nutrient dense foods will make you feel your best.

  5. Increased Confidence – You feel good in that bikini, and even took your cover-up off without second guessing yourself! A workout comes up at the gym that once you couldn’t do, but now you aren’t nervous for it, you know you’ve improved and you rock it!

  6. Improved Health – You visit your doctor and your good nutrition now allows you to reduce your dosage or completely get off of a medication like insulin. Maybe your high blood pressure is now lower or your thyroid is now stable. These are some of the biggest non-scale victories, especially when you can use food as medicine and improve your quality of life!

  7. Clearer Focus – This can mean a few things, maybe it’s easier for you to focus on your every day work and tasks, where as before you would be easily distracted or in a fog. Also now you are more focused on your fitness and nutrition goals and start making them even more of a priority.

  8. Wanting to Workout – Like on your own, no one is making you go to the gym! Getting up at 4:00am so you can get in a good workout before starting the rest of your day because you know how good you will feel the rest of the day. Working out is now a main priority.

  9. Inspiring Someone Else – When others see how happy, positive, and confident you are, that they want to do what you are doing! It’s the best feeling when you look in the mirror and think, I look good! BUT it’s even a better feeling when someone else notices and asks what you’ve been doing to look so good. Someone sees you lifting a little more in the gym, and it encourages them to go a little harder than they might usually.

These nine non-scale victories are where your main focus should be. The weight loss will come along with these. Besides, you’ve been eating clean, and getting to the gym more…maybe that .6lb weight gain this morning was lean mass. The scale doesn’t know the difference.

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