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Which Program Will Work for You?

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

As we near the end of the Summer, it's a great time to consider how you can best embrace start of a new season by intentionally taking action to improve your wellness.

You want to take control of yourself, your health, your eating habits, your physical activity, your habits and choices. But you just don't know how or where to start?

Sometimes taking a self-led, shorter term approach is an effective way to jumpstart and revitalize your health habits.

In my 21-Day Healthy Kickstart Program, together we explore the following each week:

Week 1 : Digging deep into your "why"

Healthy food Journaling

Positive mindset

Small steps to Healthy eating

Week 2: Prioritize your health

Increase daily movement

Wasted time finder

Doing something different

Week 3: Make a plan

Healthy habit planner

Self-care routine

Keep it simple

This short online program is mostly self-led and includes tons of Self reflection and goal journaling and loads of healthy recipes!

Price: $77

Maybe you’re looking for a longer term program to really dig in, explore and practice habit shifts, and build a sustainable healthy lifestyle. A more personalized approach with accountability built in.

You will benefit from my 12 Week Signature Program : Making Healthy Habits Stick.

Each week, you receive a new lesson directly via email. Topics covered:

Week 1: Creating Goals

Week 2: Creating Habits

Week 3: Developing a Growth Mindset

Week 4: Control Your Environment

Week 5: Nutrition Fundamentals

Week 6: Healthy Eating

Week 7: Managing Your Hunger

Week 8: Fitting Exercise into Your Life

Week 9: Managing Stress

Week 10: Maintaining Motivation

Week 11: Ensuring Continued Success

Week 12: Putting it all Together

Along with lessons, Worksheets, and supporting research, this program includes 1:1 check-in calls every other week. And of course tons of healthy recipes. The goal is for you to practice and establish the habits you can sustain for the rest of your healthy life. Your progress is tracked and recorded.

Price: $497

You can be intentionally well. Can I help support you?

Email me for more info or to sign up for either program. Both available to begin September 1.

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