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National Nutrition Month!

It's officially National Nutrition Month!

You may be surprised to hear me say that I care much more about WHY you eat something rather than WHAT you eat. (If you are a past or current client, it won't be such a surprise.)

You can eat all the salads and chickpeas and avocado, dressing on the side, no seed oils and minimal sugar, but if it stresses you out to the point where resent food or are consumed by restricting it, it's not all that healthy.

Instead, for your wellness, I'd much rather you strike a balance that works for YOUR body.

That can be...

Pizza with a side salad with chickpeas.

Ice cream dates with your kids, but saying no to dessert when it just doesn't do it for you.

Choosing high fiber bread as your go-to norm, but picking up a fresh croissant at the farmer's market on a sunny Saturday morning.

Eating the pasta you make for your family in a way that leaves you energized, not bloated and blah.

Eating 3 meals and 2 snacks a day because that's how much food your body needs, versus eating as little as possible and then overeating after you put the kids to bed.

A healthy relationship with food IS possible.

It's where you can live your life and choose nourishing, energizing foods, without it being all-consuming in your life.

So this first week of National Nutrition Month I encourage you to examine your food choices...

WHY are you eating what you're eating?

Because you should?

You enjoy it?

You find it satisfying?

It's easy?

It's affordable?

These are all valid reasons for making your food choices!

If you're struggling with stressing over every bite, what to eat, when to eat, and how much, I'd love to help you repair and strengthen your relationship with eating, to help you nourish with intention.

I can't wait to support you if you’re struggling with what to eat and listening to your body amongst the chaos.

Book an initial consult with me in the month of March and enjoy $50 off any coaching program or course!

Be Well!

P.S. - Stay tuned for information on:

  1. Upcoming nutrition and wellness webinar/workshop schedule!

  2. Kick-off of my Nourish Monthly Membership, a weekly dose of tips, recipes, videos, promos, and more, delivered straight to your inbox!

And don't forget, I have available spots for my 1:1 coaching program (Nourish with Intention) and my 12-week habits course (Making Healthy Habits Stick)!

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