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Get Unstuck

This is a pivotal moment that can make or break your results over the next several months or even years.

That's not me being dramatic... I'm dead serious and basing that off of years of experience (both as a client and as a coach).

It's hard to believe we're in the thick of summer. How is it July already?

But that's actually relevant to why this is such a pivotal moment in your success (that can also go horribly wrong if mismanaged).

You see, things cab be a bit scattered for a lot us right now.

We're on the heels of a holiday, we've got weddings, social events, vacations, family BBQs, birthdays (we have 4 July bdays in my family), camps, sports, etc. Oh yeah, and jobs!

Kid schedules are a bit strange and summer is historically a down time for most people when it comes to pursuing fat loss.

Here's the thing.. that's actually a good thing!

The problem is that most people feel lost if they're not chasing a number on the scale. If they're not actively dieting or actively trying to lose weight.

Once the schedule is non conducive to fat loss, most people just bail completely. Well.. I'll just stop with coaching or I'll just take a break and revisit this when my schedule is a bit more normal.


That's the exact mindset that is preventing you from reaching your goals.

Because you're basically setting the standard that you're either pursuing fat loss or you're pursuing nothing.

And that means you're always starting over. And starting over is the worst feeling in the world.

Yet, most people start over after summer and then again after the holiday season.

We have a ton of historical data from the thousands of clients that we've worked with over the past 5 years.

And it's clear as day... the individuals that start in the summer or during the holiday season are the most successful, long term.

The ones that bail during those two periods of time, consistently struggle and get frustrated.

It's because they are basically communicating with themselves that a busy schedule is a reason to stop.

And they often feel lost without chasing fat loss.

What about being able to still prioritize habits or finding balance with your fitness / nutrition and your social life or working on mindset or building your metabolism or getting stronger...

Summer can be an amazing time for any or all of the above.

Which, funny enough, sets you up for quicker and more effective fat loss.

If you always bail when things get busy, you'll always spin your wheels because life always gets busy.

You will not win this game until you recognize that it's a forever game. There's not a good time or a bad time to play. You're always playing. No matter what.

Once you commit to that mindset and recognize that this is all just a part of what you do, regardless of your schedule, you'll be successful.

Until then.. you'll always ride the start and stop cycle which is incredibly frustrating.

Resist the urge to bail. Stop believing the myth of "good timing." Just. Keep. Going.

Fat loss isn't the only goal worth pursuing. In fact, it should be a goal that you focus on for very short and targeted periods of time.

The rest of the time is where you really set yourself up for long term success.

If you can't embrace that mindset, just know that you're setting yourself up for stress, frustration, and disappointment.

Look back on your own history. Every year that you check out during summer.. how'd that work out for you? Every year that you check out during the holiday season, how'd that work out for you?

I can speak to my own personal experience that I would start back at square one and then try sprint to compensate for setting myself back and ultimately would burn out and start the pattern all over again.

You can opt out of that cycle. You can do things differently.

You just have to be willing to challenge your own thoughts.

Or join a program / invest in a coach who will challenge your thoughts for you.

Either way... this is make or break time for a lot of people.

Maybe it's time to take the road less traveled.

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