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Commit To One Small Change

Updated: Dec 31, 2023

After a holiday season full of eating, we’re ready for a reset. But, getting back on track with healthy eating doesn’t mean we have to take our resolutions to the extreme. So, rather than going from indulgence to deprivation, let’s kick this year off with a healthy mindset and start by committing to one small change! I get it — one small change may not seem like a lot to a society that prides itself on doing the most. While there’s nothing wrong with setting high expectations, we often expect change to happen overnight (ahh yes, the era of instant gratification). And that’s just not realistic!

Because once that initial motivation wears off (and it will, we’re human), you’re left with unrealistic goals and expectations that feel impossible to maintain or achieve. In turn, you wind up feeling like you “failed” your goals, when you never set yourself up for success in the first place. So, why not start small? Try swapping those unrealistic goals for small, actionable steps. Are you considering a vegan diet? Rather than cutting out meat cold turkey, try Meatless Mondays.

Do you find yourself over-indulging when it comes to snacks? Instead of ditching snacks completely, try substituting with a healthy alternative such as a piece of fruit.

Are you trying to cut back on coffee? Instead of cutting it out completely (and enduring a throbbing headache in the process) try reducing your intake by one cup per day and drinking a glass of water in its place.

Do you want to work out more consistently? Instead of committing to a 7-day workout plan, try prioritizing 10-15 minutes of movement a day (even a leisurely walk!)

Studies show long-term, realistic goals proved most effective in creating long-lasting results. When you start small and approach your goals in a healthy way, getting back on track with healthy eating can be simple and sustainable!

Are you ready to discuss your questions and goals? I'd love to work with you to make 2024 the year you prioritize your health and wellness.

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