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Coming in August!

Are you a runner looking to hone your nutrition?

Do you want to improve your fitness level with mindful, whole food- driven habits?

Do you want to explore the many benefits of a plant-based lifestyle?

Stay tuned for the launch of my brand new 3-month program: Plant-Powered and Fit!

Designed specifically for runners and other physically active individuals who are ready to not only improve their fitness but their habits, nutrition, food choices, and confidence in the kitchen, as well!

Chock-full of recipes and ideas to boost your energy and performance levels the plant-powered way!

You work hard, day in and day out. It's time to fuel and nourish yourself to maximum potential... AND eat delicious food!

Results you can expect from plant-based eating:

less digestive stress

improved energy levels

fewer cravings

faster recovery from workouts

reduced body fat

increased muscle tissue repair

increased stamina

more restful sleep

So many athletes (beginner to elite) make the costly mistake of consuming food that doesn't fully support and enhance their goals. Instead of supporting the work they put in during training, they jeopardize health and performance by consuming foods that are inflammatory and energy-wasting.

Make your plant-powered body and mind a priority and focus on the good that you can add, the abundance!

Let's fill our plates with nourishment and our log books with miles! Save your spot now :)

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