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Break the Cycle of Blame

We have been taught to believe that our inability to stick with a "diet" is our fault, a flaw of our body and our will. We are taught to believe that if we want to lose weight and be healthy, we must conform to restrictive rules and suppress cravings for foods that diet deems unhealthy. To do this, we must develop "discipline" over our natural instincts. And we accept these ideas, even though every other diet we have been on was unsuccessful.

Again and again, we start the newest program with the best of intentions, determined to make good this time. And we repeat the cycle, blaming ourselves when the our natural instincts cannot be disciplined, controlled, suppressed, or denied.

Increasingly, we find ourselves craving "cheat" foods until one day we fall off the diet and give in to our cravings for whatever foods have been forbidden. Afterward, we feel guilty and worthless and blame ourselves for failing to stick to the diet, which seemed so simple, so promising just a few weeks earlier. It never dawns on us that there's nothing wrong with us, that maybe the diet itself is flawed - that it actually sets us up to fail and then unfairly lays the responsibility on our shoulders when we do.

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