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Are You a Seasonal Exerciser?

Seasons come and go. Unfortunately, so do many people when it comes to exercising. Yes, some people choose to start (and end) an exercise program as the seasons change. Are you one of them? Let’s find out and what you can do to break the seasonal cycle.

The Winter Exerciser

Most people fall into this category. After that long break from exercise between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, those resolutions begin, and everyone is back to the grind as of January 1st. And why not? It’s a new year, and you want to start on the right foot. Everything seems to fall into place this time of year. And yet, this newly found motivation seems to wane by mid-February if not sooner.

Solution: Remember why you started. Don’t quit for at least the month of January. Studies have shown that it takes a good three weeks (at minimum) for something to become a habit. Sure, it’s going to be difficult, and you’ll feel like quitting, but always remember why you wanted to start in the first place - whether it’s to lose weight, live a healthier life, being able to keep up with your kids, etc. Find a workout buddy or a personal trainer so you’ll have . It’s nice to have an accountability partner and someone who can give you that push to keep going when you need it.

The Spring Exerciser

Spring exercisers usually have one goal and one goal only—lose weight and get into shape as fast as possible in time for summer—better known as swimsuit season. They usually start sometime after Easter and go until Memorial Day weekend or a little longer. Often, these exercisers are looking for that quick fix. They’ll be at the gym several days a week, almost killing themselves on the cardio machines, sometimes more than once a day, and doing as much as they can to lose the weight.

Solution: Slow down and start earlier. If you truly want to lose weight for the summer, starting in April is not enough time to do it right. You may end up hurting yourself trying to do too much in such a short amount of time. Follow a workout routine that includes both cardiovascular and strength training exercises. When you do work out, make it count. Stick to the plan, stay focused and be patient!

The Summer Exerciser

So, maybe you reached your summer fitness goal, but now you want to keep it up throughout the summer season. Many people will continue their spring fitness routine throughout the summer which then may start to taper off come Labor Day.

Solution: Instead of overstretching yourself when it comes to your fitness routine, stick to a very doable routine that you can carry on with throughout the summer and well into the fall and winter. The goal is to exercise throughout the year, not just for swimsuit season! A great way to keep up with a realistic fitness routine is to be very real about how much time you can commit to fitness each day. Signing up with a personal trainer helps here because your trainer can provide you with short, manageable workouts to do at home or on vacation!

The Autumn Exerciser

Summer is over, vacations have come to an end, and the kids are going back to school. With all the summer fun, maybe there wasn’t any time to dedicate to your workout routine, so you didn’t bother. Now it’s after Labor Day, and time to get back on track. But getting back into the swing of things is difficult after taking a few months off. In many cases, it’s like starting from scratch.

Solution: Don’t take the entire summer off from exercise. Even if you can’t commit to the same routine you had before summer began, make a point to exercise at least three days a week. On vacation and don’t have access to a gym? There are plenty of workouts you can do that require no equipment. Even if you’re home but can’t get to the gym like usual, squeeze in some bodyweight exercises, do a quick yoga routine, go for a long walk, bike, swim, play tennis. There are so many great ways to stay active in the summer that you can’t do in the colder months.

The Bottom Line

Just because the seasons change, doesn’t mean you have to change your exercise routine. It’s always better to just keep going throughout the year. After all, consistency is always going to win over sporadic exercising. But if you find yourself falling into one, or more, of these seasonal habits, use the suggested solutions, so you’re no longer struggling throughout the year.

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