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A Note on Procrastination

"I have a work party on Friday. I'll start the new me on Monday."

"Payday is not for another week. If I wait, I can afford better groceries and workout gear."

"I'll get serious after the holidays/my birthday/vacation."

Have you thought or said any of these?

You feel the urge to embark upon a Healthier lifestyle, eat better, workout more... but it's never the right time?

Procrastination is a human design flaw, not a personal failure. Be aware of it, understand it, deal with it.

Because guess what?

Summer becomes Winter.

Young becomes old.

Health becomes sickness.

Life becomes death.

Tomorrow never comes.

Being willing to take small, actionable steps doesn't mean you have to completely turn your life upside down and change everything you know and love.

It just means understanding that putting off health is de-prioritizing yourself. And this is how habits either work for you or against you.

What matters most is what you do today.

What is that for you? What can you do today that will Kickstart your momentum?

The best you can do is improve what you can do.

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