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A Note for the Moms (and a special promotion!!)

We made it to Friday and Mother's Day weekend! Do you have any fun plans? I hope you get to spend the weekend just how you want to. Speaking of Mother's Day, I want to talk about something we as moms often put on the back burner. And that is self-care. When we hear that term, it is easy to just think about getting a massage, or going on a trip without kids, or getting a pedicure. However, self-care is much more than that and can and should be done DAILY!

As moms, we are always go, go, go. It may seem hard to find 5 minutes in the day to sit back and do something for yourself. However, it is all about what you prioritize and how you schedule your day. You have time to do the things you always make excuses for. You just have to make the time.

You deserve to take time for yourself each day. You are worth that investment, whether that investment is money or time. Love and pour into yourself like you do your family and friends. You need energy to be the amazing mother that you are. You need confidence to be your best self and a role model for your kids. You need good mental health to be there daily for your family in a positive way. You need good spiritual and emotional health to love hard and live out your calling.

Here are just a few ways you can work self-care into your day without a ton of time or effort.

Read your devotional and spend 10 minutes praying before you wake up the kids.

Go on a walk and listen to your favorite music.

Sit in your car for 10 minutes when you get home from running errands alone in silence or listening to meditation.

Take a bath after the kids go to bed.

Get a workout in.

Eat whole foods and drink water.

Watch your favorite show in bed alone.

Go to lunch or coffee with a friend.

Ask for help.


Some of these may seem simple or not like how you imagine self-care. But self-care comes in many forms, and if it is something that helps you feel better, in even the tiniest way, then do it! Make it a priority to do something daily that takes care of you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

I hope you enjoy a wonderful weekend and be proud of all that you do each and every day!



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