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3 Smoothies for Morning, Noon, and Night!

Updated: Feb 2

Whether you're just waking up, needing a protein boost post-workout, or looking for a cleaned up version of your favorite dessert, there's a smoothie for that!!

Smoothies truly are your secret wellness weapon. Packed with whole foods, balanced nutrients, and packaged in such a nice, portable vessel --- they are one of the easiest ways to level up your wellness, morning, noon, or night.

Check out the recipes below!

MorningAfternoonEvening Smoothies
Download PDF • 2.11MB


Does the idea of cleaner, more intentional, more balanced eating sound like the missing link in your health and wellness goals?

I'd love to explore the fundamentals of nutrition, habit building, and healthy cooking with you in my 1:1 Nutrition and Wellness Coaching Program. Book a free consultation to get started.




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