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3 Reminders as We Head Into the Holiday Season

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As we head into a busy 6 weeks full of gatherings, events, shopping, travel and making memories, I want to remind you of a couple things when it comes to your health.

1. Give yourself grace and do your best. This time of the year is about joy and memories. It is about gathering with loved ones. I never want clients or anyone to feel they cannot enjoy this time of the year.

2. Set realistic expectations. Go into this time knowing what you have going on and set goals that are realistic. You want to be able to stay positive and not get down on yourself by setting too big of goals. If for you, that means focusing on maintenance and getting some movement in each day, that is great!

3. Move your body, hydrate and eat veggies! If nothing else, these three things are easy to do and can help keep you healthier this holiday season.

The holidays can be stressful and busy, so it is important that we do not completely ignore our health during this time. 6 weeks is a long time to let go of all of our wonderfully nourishing habits or feel like we have "fallen off the wagon." Instead, we need to have habits in place that allow for fun and teach us how to make better choices so we can still feel our best and enjoy everything.

Be Intentionally Well!!

If you are one that struggles at this time of the year and want support and accountability, now is your chance to reach out!

Here are a few options:

1. Grab your own digital copy of my e-book: "Happy Healthy Holidays" -- your ultimate guide and recipe book to help you navigate through the season with intention!

2. Book a free health consultation!

3. Book your spot in my 12-Week Signature Course: Making Healthy Habits Stick!

4. Head over to my Menus page to subscribe to be on my mailing list for my home-cooked healthy meal service - Jaime's Kitchen! (local only)

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