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Plan Your May Wellness!

Planning your May? How about incorporating some health and wellness?

I'm hosting 3 wellness workshops!

May 10: "Plant-Based Eating"

May 22: "The Role of Stress in Your Wellness "

May 31: " Debunking Common Nutrition Myths"

(June 13: " What Healthy Eating Isn't ")

Book a workshop spot:

You can also sign up for open gym time, small fitness classes, and any other wellness service!

I build my business around the concept of Integrative Nutrition- everything that nourishes us, both on and off the plate!







Small steps, consistent action, sustainable habits. This applies to how we eat, how we move, how we relate, how we learn, and how we thrive.

To book a free consult, visit

Take a look at available services at

To view 1:1 training and nutrition packages, visit

Contact me at to learn more!

Do you love a low impact workout style like Barre or Pilates? Check out a small class!

Sign up at:

Are you a training client looking to add a workout in on your own for consistency?

Or simply someone looking for a small, quiet space to workout in?

Check out the link below for available open gym spots! Not a training session, just an hour slot for you to come workout, move purposefully, and move on with your day!

Limited slots available.

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