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Measuring Health Beyond the Number on the Scale

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

You've most likely heard me say before that I don't promote dieting... or even one dietary trend versus another. And you might be wondering how I coach people through health and fitness goals without advocating diets..

What it means is that I don't focus on the weight. I treat you as a person. Together, we set many behavioral goals that you can measure outside of a number on the scale. Some of these goals include: how your energy levels change with proper nutrition


fullness and satisfaction

running stamina and performance

how you feel during your workouts

your sleep

your menstruation habits

body image

Cooking skills and confidence in meal preparation

Understanding food habits and making better choices and more!

Health is so much more than the number on the scale.

My goal with my clients is to help them understand that they are worthy of the body they live in and they can improve their health without jumping on the next diet bandwagon. We establish goals based on your lifestyle, your habits, your goals, and your eating preferences. And if you're scared of eating the ice cream, I'll tell you why it's healthier to just eat the ice cream. Wanna learn more? ​Apply for 1-1 coaching here. Even if you're curious if we're a fit.

You can be intentionally well. And I am ready to support you!

Jaime Palinchak

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

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