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It's healthy food, not diet food!

Think eating healthfully means you have to eat rabbit food? I get it. I used to think that way, too. But there is a whole wide world of ingredients and delicious recipes, regardless of your dietary preferences. I truly believe that the greatest asset you have available to you is your own kitchen. I literally LIVE in my kitchen. You don't have to, of course (cooking is one of my top 3 favorite activities in the world), but being more comfortable in your kitchen will lead to really transformational results in your food choices. I am proof. I used to believe being healthy meant being skinny, eating "diet" foods (low-fat, sugar-free, meatless, etc.)... anything marketed as something that would allow me to lose weight. This approach was nothing but self-sabotage. I have since harnessed the immense power of cooking for myself and my family, learning the best foods to keep me FUELED (NOT SKINNY), and using my own kitchen as ground zero for my well-being. I repeat: you do NOT have to starve yourself. Quite the opposite. I LOVE to help people learn how to make the most of their own kitchens. You can cook yourself well!!

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