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It's Basically the Holidays Now... Let's Talk Sugar

Ready or not, holiday season is here. Pumpkins have taken over porches, stores have moved all the way to Christmas, and candy and pumpkin desserts are everywhere we turn. We are headed into three months of events, sweets, good food, more sports, shopping, and stress! While it is a fun time of the year, I see it take a toll on our health every year.

I am not a health coach that is going to tell you to skip the desserts, not enjoy a cocktail, not have candy in the house for your kids, or to skip out on gatherings in order to “be healthy”. Part of being healthy is overall wellness and being healthy mentally. Life is meant to be enjoyed. And I see so many people feel as though they need to miss out on things to be healthy or reach a weight goal.

While I preach to my clients that it is about balance, I am not going to sugar coat (no pun intended) the fact that sugar is a big issue in America and is commonly the root of a lot of health problems we face. The average American woman consumes 71 grams of sugar a day, more than 3 times the recommended amount. Sugar is everywhere. It comes in many forms and names. It is hidden. Marketing around it is misleading.

I could go on and on sharing about sugar, but I am going to save that for later. Today, I simply want to share a few tips to help you still enjoy your holiday season, while making some better choices when it comes to sugar.

  • Keep candy out of sight. If you buy your candy early, or kids bring it home, put it in a solid container and out of eye sight. Put it in the pantry and on a high shelf. If you see it often, you are more likely to eat it.

  • Don’t have an all or nothing mindset. Allow yourself to enjoy things in moderation. If you keep yourself from things you enjoy completely, you are more likely to binge on it later.

  • Find cocktails and drinks that have less sugar. Use soda water and fruit instead of juices and sodas.

  • Hit your protein goals daily! May sound odd to talk about protein, but it will keep you more satisfied and less likely to be hungry and reach for easy convenient things with sugar!

  • Make things at home! Whether it is lattes or baked goods, cooking at home allows more flexibility and swaps that can be made to make it healthier. Packaged foods and restaurant foods and beverages will always have more sugar than needed!

If you know this time of the year is your downfall, I encourage you to own up to it. Stop and think to yourself, am I overindulging on all the sugar every year at this time? Do I give in to all the things?

Be Intentionally Well <3


My next 12-week program starts on Sunday, November 6th. Now is the time. Not in January. Not when everyone else does it. Not when our society tells you to do it. Now. You are the only one in control.


Did you know I am a personal trainer AND a nutrition coach at Intelligent Fitness?


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