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Information Doesn't Equal Results

You're always interested in the vast universe of nutrition, what healthy living means, wanting to to do more in your own life to be more balanced and feel better. Learning something new or making changes to your routine can feel intimidating at first, especially if you’re on your own. But did you know that the most important part of learning something new isn’t the material itself? Or even how you approach the material? You can Google anything about nutrition or healthy eating, pull any number of recipes off of Pinterest, or read every book put out by the myriad of experts - but without action, information is of tangible benefit. Instead, the learning relationships you build with peers, mentors, coaches, and and teachers are what make all the difference. Did you have greater success in school with a tutor or in a study group? Are you more effective at the gym with a partner or a trainer? When you have “knowledge exchanges” with people whose job and goal it is to look out for you, guide you, share with you, and help you develop… You learn better, retain more, and are more prepared to apply what you’re learning. Not only that… When you surround yourself with supportive mentors and like-minded peers, you’re much more likely to stay on-track and motivated —even when life gets busy. And if you have an "off week" or feel "off track?" That support system remains. Furthermore, it's the actual "doing" and application of things you learn during the most challenging days that leaves the biggest impact. SUCCESS IS THE PRODUCT OF DAILY HABITS, NOT ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME TRANSFORMATIONS.

If this type of accountability and light structure is what you may have been missing in your wellness goals (whether you want to lose weight, fit in your clothes better, cook healthier meals, have more energy, etc.) ---

Contact me and let's discuss how I can be that human link from what you know you need to do - to actually doing it !




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Hint: All resources, videos, recipes, and inspiration in April will all be focused on inflammation and anti-inflammatory eating!

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