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FALL : A Preview of Foods and Movements (With a Recipe Bundle!)

As the last month of Summer winds down, many of us are already looking forward to the flavors and comfort of Fall food. There is a relatively distinct shift in the use of spices and the types of vegetables and fruits that are at peak freshness. This is highly evident by the presentation of pumpkin and apple goods and products in retail well before the leaves begin to turn.

Our bodies recognize the signs of season change and prepare by slowing down the metabolism and seeking out cozy comforts as we prepare for our own version of hibernation. Paying special

attention to building up your nutritional stores that support a healthy immune function and keeping inflammation low will help your body handle this transition with ease.


All the tones of nature announce a bundle of nutrients your body needs to stock for the cooler season to come. Root vegetables and pumpkins of all kind, red cabbage, green and purple kale, red

grapes, plums, and ,of course, the humble apples. Containing an abundance of minerals, antioxidants and fiber – these seasonal offerings are all packed with nutrients to support the stress and looming germs and temps of cooler weather.

BELOW: Grab your own copy of my Fall Recipe Bundle built specifically for "real people" who don't have all the time in the world to make nutritious foods.

Fall Recipe Bundle
Download PDF • 600KB

For many people, Fall is also time of recommitment to a regular fitness routine. (Or perhaps a seemingly "right" time to start one.)

While it can be a struggle to let go of the laid back days of Summer, Fall always seems like another fresh start. That feeling is probably an old memory of buying brand new shiny school supplies and gearing up for a sports season.

Even if back to school is not in your plans, there’s no better time to get back to fitness.Think of the fall season like a breath of fresh air to change up your routine. Avoid the temptation to start hibernating for the winter. This is a great time to try new methods like Barre fitness or Pilates.

Take advantage of the beautiful foliage and cooler weather if you prefer outdoor exercise. Move the treadmill out of storage so you can walk during your business calls.

Or, if you're looking for a more guided, customized approach, set up a consultation to begin working with your personal trainer!

**If you schedule your exercise as an appointment you've made with yourself, you're much less likely to skip it. That's the value of working with a trainer.

When you look at exercise as nothing more than a weight-loss tool, it's easy to skip workouts and become disengaged. Maybe this is what happened to you over the Summer, as the "build a bikini body" efforts in the Spring waned.

If you look at exercise as front line care for your mental health and mood, an opportunity to cultivate discipline and routine, and the best tool for living longer, looking better, moving well, and feeling "healthy," it suddenly becomes much harder to disengage.

Just like the meals we plan, so does our body thrive on consistently forethought movement. Make Fall your moment to re-prioritize those foods and actions (MOVEMENT = ACTION) that promote your long-term wellness and improve your daily habits.

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