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Ditch the Diet Approach and Make Lasting Change


An Alternative Approach to Diets and Meal Plans:

If you have ever gone on a diet just to quit after a few weeks or months, or even days, I challenge you to try this…

Think about what you eat now and how you can make it better.

Everything we eat is either a carbohydrate, fat, protein or alcohol.

Your body needs carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates are food such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

Carbohydrates are also white breads, cookies and pastries.

Choose better carbohydrates.

Your body needs protein.

You do not need to eat ALL protein, but your body needs it in moderation.

Protein is found in chicken, shrimp, egg whites and yogurt to name a few.

Your body needs fat.

Fat is more nutrient dense (and delicious) so it is easy to overeat. Fat is not the problem - overeating it is.

Fat is found in nuts, oils, avocado and whole eggs.

Don’t overcomplicate eating healthy.

You don’t need to weigh and measure everything or count out each nut you eat.

If you want to eat healthy for the rest of your life - and ditch the diet and meal plan train - start where you are and make it a little bit better.

Day by day, week by week, you will make a lasting change.

Need some help putting together balanced meals? Grab your free Meal Plan Roadmap below!

Want to make this balanced approach your lifestyle for good? Email me at or visit Consultation Call | Jaime Palinchak, In ( to book your free health strategy session.

Meal Plan Roadmap
Download PDF • 183KB

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