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4 Homemade Electrolyte Drinks That Boost Hydration

Staying hydrated is one of the most important things you can do to help keep yourself safe and healthy. And although it sounds so simple to drink more water, between regularly participating in a sweat session, living in a warm climate, and simply being too busy to remember to drink, hydration can fall to the wayside.

So, how do you drink more water and make sure you are getting the right electrolytes?

What Are Electrolytes?

You may have heard the term electrolytes tossed around on electrolyte drink promos. But what do electrolytes do? Electrolytes are minerals that carry a charge and play essential roles in the body, including maintaining fluid balance.

Common electrolytes include sodium, potassium, and calcium.

What Happens if You Have an Electrolyte Imbalance?

When we lose fluids via sweat or other means, we may also lose electrolytes. So, with excessive fluid loss, simply drinking more water isn’t going to replenish what your body needs — you need to give yourself a boost of electrolytes too. Otherwise, you run the risk of experiencing an electrolyte imbalance — or a situation when your electrolyte levels in your body are too high or too low.

So, what are the symptoms of electrolyte imbalance? Having low (or high) electrolytes can result in you feeling a multitude of symptoms, including muscle cramps, muscle weakness, fatigue, and headache.

To combat an electrolyte imbalance (particularly a low electrolyte status), making sure that you are supplying your body with enough of the right electrolytes is key. From electrolyte powders to electrolyte supplements, your options can appear to be endless. After a strenuous workout or a period where you are losing electrolytes, giving your body an electrolyte boost is very important.

But you don’t have to lean on fancy and expensive electrolyte replenishing solutions. With a little know-how, you can easily DIY an electrolyte drink that can help keep your hydration status in tip-top shape. Having a beverage with strong electrolytes that you actually enjoy drinking is one smart step towards keeping a healthy and fit body.

So, what is the best electrolyte drink? There is no sure-fire “best” drink out there. But making your own electrolyte drinks may be one step toward finding which solution is “best” for you and your own personal needs.

How to Make Your Own Electrolyte Drinks

Making your own electrolyte drinks may sound daunting, but it is actually super simple as long as you are equipped with the right knowledge.

Some key ingredients found in many DIY electrolyte drinks include:

Salt: A key electrolyte that plays an important role in fluid balance.

Coconut Water or Maple Water: These are liquids that contain natural glucose for proper replenishment and natural potassium for fluid balance.

Powdered Calcium and/or Magnesium: Electrolytes that can help maintain fluid balance (optional depending on personal needs).

Your drink may also contain a wide variety of other ingredients like juice, extra water, and herbs for flavoring. Want to try making your own? Give these DIY recipes a try!

4 Healthy Homemade Electrolyte Drinks to Quench Your Thirst

Refreshing Coconut Lime Electrolyte Drink

This basic DIY electrolyte drink is a great recipe to have on hand when you’re looking for a simple yet hydrating beverage. Perfect as a pre- or post-workout beverage, or something to quench your thirst on a warm day.

Serves: 2


½ cup fresh lime juice

2 cups coconut water

2 tbsp honey

⅛ tsp pink Himalayan sea salt

Optional: 1 serving of magnesium powder

Serve over ice


Step #1: Add all ingredients, minus the ice to a blender, and blend for about 10-20 seconds.

Step #2: Pour into a glass over ice and enjoy!

Pineapple Lime Refresher

This refreshing and tropical beverage is made with a hydrating coconut water base and makes for a great mocktail alternative in the hot summer months! Customize as desired, adding any fruit of choice or serving in a salt-rimmed glass for extra electrolyte benefits!

Serves: 2


1 cup coconut water

½ cup pineapple juice

2 limes, juiced

1 pinch ground ginger

1 tbsp honey

Sparkling water, to serve


Step #1: Add the coconut water, pineapple, lime juice, and ginger to a high-speed blender. Blend until smooth. Once blended, strain into a cocktail shaker or large glass.

Step #2: Add the raw honey to the glass or shaker. Stir until well combined. Taste test and adjust as needed, adding additional honey or lime.

Step #3: Pour the mixture into two serving glasses over ice and top with sparkling water.

Lemon Chia Electrolyte Fresca

Made with a coconut water base and hydrating chia seeds, this low-sugar recipe will keep you quenched and satiated! Customize it by swapping lime juice for lemon, or opt for mineral-rich maple syrup in place of honey.


1 tbsp chia seeds

1½ cups coconut water (you can sub for filtered water, if preferred)

2 tbsp lemon juice, freshly squeezed

2 tsp honey


Step #1: Add the coconut water, lemon juice, chia, and raw honey to a glass. Mix well, ensuring there are no clumps of chia seeds. Set aside for 10-15 minutes to allow the chia seeds to expand.

Step #2: Stir, and serve immediately, or store in the fridge in an airtight jar for 2-3 days.

DIY Watermelon & Lime Mocktail

Unlike alcoholic cocktails, which leave you dehydrated due to their diuretic properties (and often high sugar levels), this homemade mocktail will help you stay healthy and hydrated! It’s low in sugar, full of antioxidants, and rich in natural electrolytes, thanks to ingredients like watermelon and lime juice.


½ cup unsweetened watermelon juice, freshly squeezed or blended

½ coconut water

1-2 tbsp lime juice, freshly squeezed

Sparkling or seltzer water, to serve

Fresh mint or basil, to serve, optional

Ice, to serve


Step #1: Blend cubed watermelon in a high-speed blender, then pour it in a glass over ice, straining if desired.

Step #2: Add the coconut water and lime juice, stirring to combine. Then top with sparkling water and any garnishes, such as fresh mint or basil. Serve and enjoy!

Make Your Own Electrolyte Drink To Support Your Overall Hydration

Commercially-made electrolyte drinks may be tasty, but many varieties are loaded with ingredients like artificial colors, flavors, and sugars. Making your own electrolyte drink allows you to have control over what you are putting in your body.

As long as you include ingredients that contain key electrolytes, you can feel free to play around and find whichever combination works best for you. Cheers!


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