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Healthy Salad

Keith S.

I am a mid-50’s man who had let work and inertia get the best of me. I was overweight and not moving nearly enough. Jaime has been my health and wellness coach for about four months now. Wow, what a difference she’s made in my life! She is informative, supportive and motivating. She really is the epitome of the word “coach”; letting me accentuate my own strengths while at the same time pushing me to stretch (literally and figuratively!) to achieve the goals she helped me set. All the while she backs up her advice with sound, research-based info.

I am eating a substantially healthier diet. I’m cooking more often. I’m exercising regularly and trying a few new things including, to my surprise, my new favorite exercise, yoga. She has me focusing on how I feel and creating habits that will support my wellness for years to come. As a bonus, my weight has declined significantly and the clothes that were hanging in the closet because they were too tight are getting a new life. Also I don’t want to forget to mention her recipes. Jaime sends lots of recipes that have been fantastic and delicious - she has a real talent in making you want to eat foods that will help you meet your goals. Thanks, Jaime!

Healthy Lunch

Bob C.

I’m glad I’m in Jaime Palinchak’s program. I’m learning so much and there’s much more for me to do. I’m eating better now and I know there’s more that I need to continue to work on. It’s the lifestyle that I want and need for sure.

Jaime has so much knowledge in this field and data to back it up. She’s always there for advice at an instant which is great! It’s the best self investment I’ve ever made. Your health and well-being is a must.

Thank you Jaime!!

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