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Why Work 1:1 with Me?

The individuals I work with on their nutrition and wellness habits come from different backgrounds, but so many of their stories are similar:

➡ Busy with work, kids in sports, activities, and school.

➡ Wanting clothes to fit better but not sure where to start with eating habits.

➡ No time for themselves.

➡ Confused by all of the information on being healthy

Can you relate?

Once we start to work together, my nutrition clients know that my number one goal with their nutrition changes is to keep it simple.

We don't do complicated because complicated doesn't last.

At The Whole Plate, we focus on:

➡ Small, simple changes that add up to big results.

➡ What works best for YOUR BODY and your lifestyle.

➡ How to make health fun and easy for the WHOLE family.

➡ Enjoying and appreciating food (in the kitchen and elsewhere)

It can be scary to jump into something new. One of the biggest reasons it can be scary is to the amount of mixed information out there.

As individuals, that means one exact way of eating (or healthy lifestyle) won’t work for everyone. Hence why there is so much mixed information.

Depending on who is doing the research, who is paying for the research and what the research subject is the results could skew in either direction.

Instead of jumping on the latest diet trends, shakes and supplements - keep it simple. Tiny action steps like:

  • Add a vegetable to lunch and dinner.

  • Eat a real breakfast.

  • Move your body.

Sure, are there more detailed steps you can take? Absolutely. They will vary based on how your reacts to food, your mindset around habit building, and your individual goals.

They can be overwhelming to figure out on your own!

Start here.

My mission and is to help you take those steps and make 2023 the year you are taking health back into your own hands.

Are you next? I currently have 4 spots open for one-on-one nutrition coaching.

Or simply Email me at if you'd like more information!


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