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September: Seasonal Refresh and Structure

Remember those September school days? New yellow pencils sharpened to a point, and calling your friends on the phone to see if you have classes together?

Even if we aren't the ones going back to school, doesn't September just feel like a time to refresh? I love it as a time to return to a more structured schedule, after enjoying the spontaneous summer days and nights.

What would you like to change, or refresh? Here are some ideas:

--take a week off of sugar

--re-devote yourself to your workout

--plan a night to cook at home

--order pre-made healthy lunches to take to work

--meditate or do light yoga in the morning

--go to bed 15 minutes earlier

--look at family schedules with partner to reduce stress

--cut back on alcohol

--get a cute water bottle to stay hydrated

--make preventive care appointments with doctors/dentists

What are you doing to add some welcome structure to your September?

What do you want to refresh? What do you need a bit of help with in your structure?

Reply to and let me know--I love hearing from you. :)

Cheers to health goals and doing the things!

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