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Off Track and Need Some Accountability?

Did you find yourself off-track this summer? It's okay. Give yourself grace. Summers can be HARD to navigate. Your schedule isn't the norm. You haven't been prioritizing sleep or self-care as a result.

You have more family or social commitments, or you aren't keeping your workouts and meal planning consistent. Life happens. Wellness is a lifestyle, not a quick fix! Feeling off track doesn't mean you have to resign to less than healthy choices.

With a plan and accountability (from me, a real live human!), you've got a better chance to get back into the routine you know will serve you in the long-term. HOWEVER, instead of doing something extreme to 'make up' for your lack of being on track (aka dieting, working out 14 times a day, etc.) ... focus on reintegrating healthy habits into your day, one achievable step at a time. Some examples include: Eating whole foods. Moving your body. Getting enough sleep, Drinking lots of water. I know that even these healthy habits can seem overwhelming or too difficult.

That's why, when you work with me, I do everything I can to help you stay on the path to reaching your goals. I keep you accountable, consistent, and on track. I'm there for you, especially when you need it most. Together we will bring the intention back to your habits!

Without consistency, real change never happens.

However, when you build the right habits...

Transformation always follows.

If you're ready to start building the best possible consistent habits for the body, wellness, and healthy habits you want...

My 12-Week Signature Healthy Habits Program could be the bridge from your current struggles and goals to being able to actually LIVE more intentionally with healthier habits.

Each week, you receive a new lesson directly via email. Topics covered:

Week 1: Creating Goals

Week 2: Creating Habits

Week 3: Developing a Growth Mindset

Week 4: Control Your Environment

Week 5: Nutrition Fundamentals

Week 6: Healthy Eating

Week 7: Managing Your Hunger

Week 8: Fitting Exercise into Your Life

Week 9: Managing Stress

Week 10: Maintaining Motivation

Week 11: Ensuring Continued Success

Week 12: Putting it all Together

Along with lessons, Worksheets, and supporting research, this program includes 1:1 check-in calls every other week. And, of course, I provide tons of healthy recipes. The goal is for you to practice and establish the habits you can sustain for the rest of your healthy life.

Price: $497

You can be intentionally well. Can I help support you?

Email me at to join my 12-week program or to discuss further any questions, goals, or concerns you may have about your health and wellness!



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