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My name is Jaime Palinchak, and I am an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

My mission is to be the support you need in your own personal health movement.  
I will help you find and reconnect to your motivation.
I will help you kickstart and maintain the small shifts in habit and mindset that build up to long-term progress.
I will address imbalance or opportunity in your current states of nutrition, physical activity, and stress relief... and help you gain back that energy you so dearly want!
Most importantly, I will be the day in, day out source of support and accountability to help you establish healthier habits that fit for YOUR lifestyle that YOU can maintain.
Together, I am confident you will gain and benefit long-term from easily managed tools to address your health goals and personal growth.


Hey there.  I bet you are wondering what makes me qualified and interested in helping other people like you to take action and become healthier versions of your wonderful selves.

Most days, I wake up in the wee hours of the morning, get my run in, take care of the dog, get my three children fed, clothed, and to school, and then spend the day working, cooking for my family, and shuttling the kids to their various activities.

Whew!  Does this sound familiar?  I'm sure you can relate to the busy life I lead and the many tasks to complete in any given day.

However, it is my fundamental passion and mission to not only BE healthy myself, but to professionally support individuals who need some help or guidance in making "healthy" part of their own busy lifestyles.

As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, my goal is to help you take concrete action steps to achieve whatever goal YOU want to achieve.  That thing that will take you one step further to your individual, unique version of healthy.

Your health is immensely important to the present and future quality of life that you know you need to thrive.  I can help.  

The success is in the intention and the action!  I am a health coach, but I am also a normal human being, a busy mom, and a devoted runner.  I understand the challenges of building and maintaining health.  And I would be thrilled to help YOU in your personal health movement.

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